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Catering to the individual, Chef Greg Willis and Kitchen Made are able to satisfy all of your food service needs. All equipment and tools are supplied, ensuring safe food handling and a quality product. You can do the shopping, thus closing the circle on the final outcome, or let Chef Willis shop for you freeing up your valuable time.

Home-based Dinner Parties are a specialty. Nothing guarantees success like quality food prepared right in your kitchen by a qualified chef.A romantic dinner for two, or more social events like Lunch with the Ladies,will come off seamlessly under the skilled hands and discerning eye of Chef Willis. Gather the clan and enjoy their company with a Family Buffet, where all of the serving platters, bowls and utensils are supplied.This service is also a good option as a corporate service for staff and clients. For the busy family, Chef Willis will produce Meals at the Ready.He will come into your kitchen and stock your fridge and pantry with all of the convenience ingredients needed to make assembling your meals effortless.


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